Director/Animator: LINA KALCHEVA



Background Design: CASEY B. LODGE

A Peach is a story about a boy who is enamored with a peach, progressively becoming sexually obsessed and terrified of it as he climbs a mountain on his quest to reach it. When he first comes across the peach, he is too anxious to take it straight away. His simple goal is made unnecessarily difficult by his internal setbacks, manifesting as physical and psychological obstacles. The peach becomes an increasingly ridiculous sexual, occult and overall existential obsession, as he spends his lifetime getting to it. When he finally takes a bite of the peach as an old man, he finds it to be nothing special. No time has actually passed, revealing that his struggles were internal, and he is left dissatisfied with all his effort and the mediocre payoff. He is disillusioned from his impossible expectations of the peach and is left with reflecting on the overwhelming amount of similar obsessions that he can lose himself into. The film looks at anxiety and how it can turn even the smallest thing into a displaced obsession which can’t be matched by reality, building up ideals of things that should not be put on pedestals or feared, and the dissatisfaction such thinking can cause. This is related to sexuality, particularly its role in adolescence, and how confusion, idealization, fear and anxiety play crucial roles in its development. The main idea was that a simple and natural desire can become a haunting nightmare when met with the internal anxiety surrounding it.