Peach Story Breakdown

So I decide to go with the peach story, since it's the most clear and I'm also more confident in what I'm trying to say with it. I've been working on breaking down the story into parts, as the protagonist goes through these different trials throughout his quest, which I'm thinking about animating in different styles. So before starting to storyboard, I wrote everything out to see if the story works.

Note: Protagonist doesn't really have a name yet to I just went with peach-themed usernames. Also I'm still not sure if said protagonist is a boy or a girl, we'll see.

1: The Quest

The protagonist is having a staring contest with a peach on the floor directly in front of him. He walks around it and looks at it from different angles. The peach does as peaches do and just sits there, being a peach. Several times, he hypes himself up to get it and reaches towards it, but stops himself, recalculating his approach. While he is facing away from the peach, a giant mountain suddenly grows underneath the peach. He drops a small, thin tear and straps himself up to climb to the top

2: The Climb

PeachFan94 climbs the mountain for several months (shown by his hair growing out a bit). When he begins to doubt himself, he gets reassured in his ambition by kissing a locket around his neck, with a photo of him on one side and a photo of the peach on the other. He gets tired, and finds a flatter area where he makes a fire, sitting down in front of it and thinks about what in his life led him here, to this peach mountain. He starts to get drowsy, and falls asleep.

3: The Dream

In his sleep, UltimatePeachBoye engages in a psycho-sexual peach experiences, obsessing over its texture, its smell, its curves: but even in his dreams, he doesn’t dare imagine how it would taste. He gets close to sharing a passionate kiss with the peach, getting very close to it, but wakes up.

4: The Temptation

ThirstyForPeachJuice opens his eyes to find reality closely mimicking his dream, with a very lovely looking peach hanging over him, inches away from his face. A peach tree has grown behind him, and one of his branches has conveniently, if slightly awkwardly, extended down to right on top of his peach-thirsty face. He lies there motionless, salivating and sweating, not blinking, eyes glued to this shameless peach. All is quiet. Eventually, he very slowly and carefully slides away from underneath, trying very hard not to touch it with his sweaty face. He manages to get away, only to find himself running through a forest of very insistent peaches trying to get all up in his business. He wants a peach, but not like this. He is faithful, and strong-willed. He will resist and make it to the ultimate peach, and he will do it on his terms, as he has wanted from that first moment he laid his eyes on it. He escapes the peach horde, hiding in a dark cave and finally being able to take a breath.

5: The Cult

His peace does not last. As soon as he looks up, he sees that he is surrounded by a bunch of creatures that look exactly like him, looking at him expectantly. They are hungry. They easily overpower OneTruePeachPal and get him ready for roasting. He tries to bargain his way out of being cannibalised by pointing to the piles and piles of peaches lying around the cave. How foolish of him. Peaches are not for eating. Peaches are for worshipping. When it seems like he has no other option, our hero butchers the entire peach cult, barely making it out alive. Maybe missing a limb or an eye.

6: The Hero

In a final string of obstacles, taking a montage amount of time, PeachieDearest basically qualifies for being an Ancient Greek Hero, fighting peach-themed monsters and surviving natural (also peach-themed) disasters, jumping dimensions: the ultimate peach is always one step ahead. By the end of this he has aged 60 years, has definitely lost a limb at this point, walks with a cane, has white hair and a long beard that extends to the ground. He has overcome all obstacles. It is time to reap his reward.

7: The End

The Peach stands on a shiny pedestal, surrounded by fluffy clouds, with a giant golden staircase leading up to it. Nothing stands in his way. He sits on a throne, the peach levitates to his lap. His literal entire life has led up to this. He takes a bit of the peach. A slow, silent, overly-accentuated bite. He looks down at the bitten peach. When it cuts back to him again, he is right where he started, back to his original age and his original self, sat on the ground with the peach in his hand. There is no mountain, no cave, no dimension portals, no angelic pedestals. He can even see the footprints of where he was standing what seems like a lifetime ago. None of it was real, and if it was, it couldn’t matter less. He lies down on the ground and places the peach next to him. It’s a peach. It is literally a fucking peach.

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