Poi Character Design

I'm now calling the protagonist of the Peach film Poi. I can't think of anything else and there is no dialogue but I need something to refer to him as.

I thought back to character design that I'd done for the self-portrait exercise last year, and there was this one design I did with bug/lotus pod-like eyes that I made that made the character look very scatty and constantly overwhelmed. When I was doing the initial concept art, I took inspiration from that and it kind of stuck.

I also decided I'm going to go with a boy protagonist, mainly because when he gets old, it's easier to show that by slapping a beard on him. But overall he's gonna have a more androgynous design. His hair will grow longer throughout the film, showing the passing of time, and in the finishing montage he will start getting a beard and his hair will become white.

Poi is some kind of humanoid, bug-eyed creature with some issues. He has a small body, cartoonishly large head, bed hair and a constantly startled expression. Poi’s eyes are designed as a blend of insect compoud eyes, lotus pods and anime eye sparkles. Their purpose is to make him look more like a creature than a human, and initially alienate his perspective while also making him endearing and impressionable. Looking in all directions makes him seem scattered and overwhelmed, and also puts more focus on body language.

#peach #characterdesign

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