VR Project

With some minor setbacks, filming went through successfully over a couple of days, and we were able to shoot and edit our 3 films successfully. Some issues we had were the camera's battery, our set being moved around and some of the paint drying, but we were able to get through those obstacles fairly well and without any major problems. As we were making the films, we also thought about how to explore concepts through the techniques we were using.

The first film looks at ideas of being watched and trapped, a simultaneous blocking off of the world around you and the creation of a new one. The film looks at the creative process as creation of a fantastical space, the use of oil paint as a tradition medium and how it can be seen through the lens of modern technology makes it possible to look those themes beyond a specific time and more as a universal idea of creation and subjectivity. The masked beings covering up the box with paint are both demonic and divine, like external spirits constructing one's perception of the world; external forces that make up the inner world.

The second film was the most challenging to make, a stop-motion film that presents an immersive space, the inner world. We used different methods of mark-making and interaction with the box. The films looks at impressions and influences, and the play of shadow and light suggests a world beyond the confinement of the inner self.

In the third film, things are trying to get into the space. An overwhelming play of colour and sound, fast-paced intrusive forces closing in. The internal world is attacked and sullied by things beyond it. Shadows of hands, banging against the walls, fingers tapping along the sides make one overly aware of the hidden but constantly changing space beyond the box.


Bibie Wataniyakun

Asheila Amara

#virtualreality #VR #development #animationtechniques #personalproject

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