Printmaking Animation

The printmaking animation exercise this term has been really exciting for me as I got to work with new materials and think about animation in a new way. The different techniques we used all inspired a different way of constructing movement. Working on a small format was sometimes difficult but overall made the project more easily manageable. It was also great to be able to lay out all the frames in sequence and look at them next to each other.

Lino Cut

Being the only type of printmaking I had done before (many many years ago), it wasn't too difficult to get started. My group and I had decided on some general themes we were interested in exploring (self-indulgence, excess, absorption) in relation to the unconscious, and I thought of just doing a simple animation to get me started, a mouth opening and closing. It ended up being something that we used in my group as a framing device, and as the basis for our story.

Off-Set Monoprint

I really enjoyed mono-printing. I used to do a lot of oil painting and loved working with colour so the vibrant colours you can get with this technique were very nice for me to work with. It made me think more about animating gradients, and in the end I liked the flat colours more than the ones I had done with stencils. I didn't end up making any animation with this technique but I really enjoyed trying it out and making a lot of work quickly.

Dry Point

This was probably my favorite technique. I love working with pencil and pen band being very messy and scratchy with it. When it's made into a print I think it looks great to have all that fine detail and linework. This is the technique I used for my gif in our story. The technique of adding to the same place and printing after each addition was really satisfying for me.


The theme being " The Unconscious" left a lot of room for interpretation and we considered our approach for a while. We came up with a narrative that encompassed all our initial themes of interest and combined them together. I'm glad that we didn't settle on a concrete narrative but rather came up with it as we went along because that way we were able to encompass a lot more into the project.

We used some very basic digital editing to use the mouth as a frame and I think the collage look it gives is really great. We also made it so it would be possible to loop the whole video repeatedly. I'm really happy with the technique we cam up with.

#printmaking #animationtechniques

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