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On Monday I worked on the background, which is oil on glass animation. It was actually my first time using a rostrum and Dragonframe so it was really nice to get used these methods which are commonly used in animation. Doing the background was really fun, oil painting was my main medium a while ago so it felt lovely to incorporate it physically into may animation. I really want to try doing something like this again in the future with a bit more freedom, I had to stop myself from doing too much so the background doesn't become too overpowering. I think it still is a little, but I like the dynamic and feeling it gives to the film. The colour I originally used was a very bright red, which I have up on mixing into a more muted tone on the spot and edited it in post.

I originally animated in ones, and made 50 frames (2 seconds) but since was quite dynamic I thought it would work better slowed down. For the actual background, I muted the colour, and instead of just looping t I played it backwards, and flipped it vertically and horizontally, so that it is never exactly the same.

Finally, I played around with colour correction in premiere and changing the hue and saturation to get three main background colours: copper, dark blue and ochre, which were the main colours I identified as characteristic of Rego's early work. I was also happy with how that worked to tone down the business of the work, so the red is the busiest and happens in the beginning when the animation is the simplest; and the dark blue drowns the motion of the background when the animation is the most dynamic (in the middle). And with the lighter ochre colour the screen is mostly covered by the white of the eye so it is not that distracting to the viewer (hopefully). After my tutorial I also edited the background to start during the credits, so that the viewer can adjust to the style and motion a bit before the animation begins. Also I like that it incorporated the credits as part of the piece rather than just something to wait out.

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