Texture Test

Working with the textures has been, as I thought, quite challenging. Since the initial texture scans were very high quality, it made the software crash when I tried to save my work, so I then had to scale them down and even so I had to save every time I overwrote a colour with a texture, layer by layer and saving itself took several minutes. So the overall process (which by itself was not that complex) took a lot of time because of technical difficulties, which happens, so I'm glad I left enough time to work with this. After importing and overwriting all the block colours with textures, I then went back frame by frame to reposition them, because for some reason Harmony imports them by stacking them on top of each other with a line right down the middle of the object, so I had to fix that.

The next step will be the background, which will be oil on glass. I haven't used this technique before so I'm really excited I get to try something new. If it doesn't work out I will try to use just one of the textures I have made already.

#tatebrief #paularego #development

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