Block Colour Test

I have been working on transferring redoing the keyframes from my animatic onto different software, adding in-betweens and thinking about colour. I really enjoyed making this, the hardest part was making all the different shapes that come from the split human, which is made using different layers and mostly using single frames. The tentacle-spider things particularly were very horrible to do, but I like the way it looks now.

I also have been working on textures; I made physical oil painted textures that I based on the colour palette I made earlier from Rego's work. I've used oil paint on canvas paper, and tried going for varying marks, to make it look a bit more like a collage, which I kind of get from her expressionist paintings.

I'm going to override all the colours with the different textures I made. I haven't used textures in Harmony before so I am trying to leave enough time before the deadline to edit them within the software. One thing I am worried about is that since I don't have different shots, my whole animation is in a single (vector) work file, so adding the HQ bitmap textures might be a problem. So hopefully I have enough time to experiment and figure that out.

#tatebrief #paularego #development

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