Character through Movement

In some more quick Photoshop exercises, we looked at simple shapes and movement and how to express character without necessarily having a fully designed "character". I was especially interesting to think about applying a sot of anatomical structure to these shape in order to emulate human or animal behaviour. li

My first try was an onion or drop-like shape, which is trying to jump but is too fat and heavy to do it properly. I tried to think about pauses and timing to convey reaction and thought in the character, and what that says about their personality. This thing is determined and keeps trying, until it overstrains itself and manages to jump, but splats itself on the floor. The end kind of deflated form was probably the most difficult, but I think along with the colouring it conveys the tired, defeated state I was going for.

Afterwards I tried to think about any objects or things from our animatics. I have arealtively new concept since last week, and I didn't have a lot of objects in it, but I do have shapes and creature-like things that I would like to animate with a lot of personality. I picked one of them, they would all be moving around around each other in different paths. It was really good to start thinking of them all separately and how they would move.

#photoshop #animationpractice

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