Character Animation

I really enjoy working with characters, and the one I made of myself has been fun to develop. I tried coming up with a backstory. She is immature but determined, and the goal she has set for herself is to find a portal to another dimension. She feels like as she is getting older, the possibility for that is beginning to slip out of her grasp so she becomes irrationally frustrated with reality and with herself a lot. She is very wrapped her in her own ideas and sometimes doesn't take others' advice for the smallest things, her stubbornness and obsessiveness gets in her way a lot of the time. Her dream gives her hope for a more exciting world and for a better version of herself but she realises over time that she has to make that dream happen in her own world.

I hope this isn't too awkward or weirdly revealing or self-deprecating or something. I myself am pretty happy in my world, but I do find myself daydreaming often with various escapist (and honestly a little immature) fantasies. I don laugh at myself for it often, and thought I could explore that a bit with this character, because I think it can be kind of funny and sad and interesting to think about it more in a fictional sense where it could become something more.

I had worked a little with walk cycles before but not in as much detail, and not with this kind of style and character. It was really fun to do and I think it worked out relatively well. The overlap of the hair could be a little better and I got the suggestion to add a blink and bring it to life a little more. I will probably also colour it at some point and make it more complete. More than anything I wanted to convey personality through simple movement, and practice making smoother, cleaner lines, and with that I am mostly happy.

#characterdesign #animationpractice #selfportrait #walkcycle #animate #illustrator

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