Drawing, Tate Britain (part 1)

At the Tate Britain, we went around different rooms and drew details and characters from different works, while changing one thing about them, as well as one thing from the room - a wall, decoration, window, pattern, etc. This was my favorite drawing session, it was really enjoyable to engage with the work on display like this and to work on how we could take inspiration and recreate and reference, rather than just copy or start completely from scratch. I also tried to draw a bit faster, but I only managed to do half the amount again. Weirdly enough, some of the patterns took way longer than they should have.

After the drawing session, we were divided into groups and made storyboards out of the characters and spaces we had created. I worked with Jin and Hathaway and we all got really into the story we developed. As a starting point, we were given some of the history about the Tate Britain, and we found it fun to base the story around the fact that Henry Tate made his fortune that funded the Tate collection and gallery through the sugar refining industry. We all had strange quirky characters in our sketches, so we thought we would make some kind of supernatural story. I will post the storyboard separately soon.


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