Colour, Lines, Texture

Exploring Paula Rego's early work alongside digital animation software has inspired me to create the piece in a way that emulates her use of colour, line and texture.

What initially drew me into this style was the use of nearly flat, but textured colours, and the striking contrast which immediately pulled me in with the stylised, expressionist forms it creates. The collage-like qualities lend themselves really nicely to animation, and the use of black along primary colours, dark blues, dirty yellows and blood-like reds really work to convey a sense of tension, dynamism and intense emotion in the paintings. Framing is also interesting, it gives a great sense of life beyond the constraints of the work.

The texture of the work will probably be the most difficult to emulate, but it is what I am most interested in. It has a real physicality to it, so recreating it digitally will be really interesting. I have ideas on how to experiment to recreate this; there is a subtlety to it; it is mostly flat and the texture comes completely from the physical medium used in the work. It will be interesting to experiment on incorporating this kind of feel to the digital film.

I love using sketchy, uneven black outlines in my animation; I think it gives it a really honest, flowing, spontaneous feel. Rego's imperfect, impulsive outlines in her early work could work really well in the context of the film I am making, and I hope it could be a good link between my work and hers.

#research #paularego #tatebrief

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