Morphing in Photoshop

Thinking about morphing in animation and how you can add qualities to character and movement through altering its composition is really unique to the medium and I really want to explore it to its fullest. It's this mesmerising, transfixing process that draws me in so much as a viewer and I found it is just as engaging and exciting as a creator, probably more so, even with my simple animations.

I loved the task of moving a simple character from one end of the frame to the other with morphing, as it got me thinking about how to convey personality and attitude through movement, how to establish this figure as its own entity in just the length of a second. I was quite impatient and worked fast; I think maybe if I rework this, I would change the figure into something more concrete while it slides on the floor. But otherwise I am quite happy with the timing and general attitude of the movement of the character.

#photoshop #animationpractice

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