Character Design

It is pretty challenging to make a character out of yourself. I feel like I would either slip into very wishful thinking or some self-deprivation, both design and concept-wise. Hopefully I didn't fall too far down either route. The three-quarter back turn was a bit weird to do for some reason, but overall the turnaround isn't too bad. There might be some volume inconsistency with the head size though.

I tried with my design to use a style I haven't tried before, and also to think about meanings and implications of shapes. I wanted to create a kind of tension between sharp angles and smooth curves; the nose and eyes are quite sharp contrasting with the round eyebrows and moth and the smoother general outlines of the head and body. This was mostly to convey some conflicting personality traits which (hopefully) end up working okay together as the design does.

Also I seem to draw myself frustrated or in some discomfort. So apparently those are some things I feel about myself. When thinking about the character a bit more as a fictional entity, those could be some qualities to focus on.

#characterdesign #drawing #selfportrait

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