Drawing at Tate Modern

In Tate Modern, we were tasked with going around the galleries, picking a piece from each room and draw a small element or detail of it. It was really interesting to think about why certain things appealed to me visually/conceptually and changing my style and mark making between sketches to convey different textures and emotions. Another thing was thinking about inanimate objects as having their own energy and personality, which is very helpful for me since I tend to do better with living characters than objects. I would still like to learn to draw a bit faster and complete more drawings within a limited time frame.

Finally, we made composite drawings out of some of the different objects we engaged with earlier. I tried basing my drawing on visual similarities and interweaving them with each other. I used the overall shape of the Babel radio, with the Art Forms in Nature flower as the circular shapes and Hito Stereyl's print as the square speaker, and I added the drop sculpture in the middle of the space. The pattern from Lèger's painting incorporated the tuners, ans the kind of curved lines matched those of the flower. The lines from my last drawing (from SUPERFLEX) were indented onto the page, so i thought it would be interesting to trace them and include them within the drawing, even going past the frame of the radio, which I thought worked quite well made it a part of a bigger spacial composition rather than a singular object.


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