New Storyboard/ Animatic

The main change I thought could work well for the film had to do with scene transitions. Rather than having cuts between them, I decided it would be more interesting and visually satisfying to use morphing and/or camera movement instead. I haven't tried this kind of animation before and it would challenge my drawing skills. I would also like to use software I haven't used for animation before, perhaps Animate or Photoshop. I would also like to do some tests with colour and texture, to be able to visualise the project better.

Having a more detailed storyboard was really helpful when putting together a first draft of the animatic, and since I am familiar with Premiere it was not too difficult. To refine it, I would like to work on the timing and make it a bit more varied and in rhythm with the audio.

#tatebrief #storyboard #animatic #development

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