Tate Brief Initial Ideas

I was really interested in several artists and what they had to say, but in the end I think I would be the most interested in engaging with a certain concept that Paula Rego talks about.

I am interested in what she says about the subject. It gives me the idea that you can't create something our of an already existing entity. It can only be recreated; therefore giving you less control, almost invading the space.

I thought it would be interesting to represent that concept as a story, as maybe a POV shot of an artist drawing a portrait and their subject coming up and starting to merge with the drawing, almost involuntarily, as if they are possessed.

I could see this working both as hand-drawn animation, or stop-motion, both work on different levels visually and conceptually. I am currently thinking about a combination of the two and how that would work. Regardless, I would be excited to try out a technique I haven't worked with before.

#tatebrief #development

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