Herbert the Hedgehog

The Animation Techniques introduced a lot of different animations, things that can be done quite simply and without a lot of resources, and which can have a very handmade, unique feel to them. Incorporating the animation into the real world in one way or another creates a connection between the artist and their work and also exposes the construction of the medium - animation doesn't have to be immersive, it doesn't have to fool you that you're somewhere else. Actually, bringing it into the real world can be really charming and magical.

My friend Bibie and I created this short film together using transparent film, inspired by Aug(de)mented Reality by Hombre McSteez. We wanted to show a shift from 3D real space to animated 2D space. We also had a limited number of frames available, so we had to think about how to maximise the amount of content we could produce with limited resources.

The process had a very DIY feel to it, we made a tripod out of boxes and a downloaded a random forest image of the internet. We didn't do many sketches and kind of just went for it. It was really inspiring and felt like we really could make animation out of anything, regardless of whether we had computers, or animation paper or stop-motion clay. You can just look at the objects around you and manipulate and add to them in really simple ways and come out with something different and special.


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