Paula Rego

Looking into the different artists for the Tate project has been really exciting, I would have to say though that among them Paula Rego stood out in visual style, voice and what she had to say.

Her motifs of myth and folklore and dark fairy tales really appeal to me; the Bulgarian folk tales and Slavic mythology I grew up with can be pretty dark and twisted like the Portuguese stories she sometimes recreates in her work. I love that she is always after telling a story - it may begin in one place and end in another, and she does so in a that can only be expressed visually, verbal narrative functions differently.

I loved looking into the studio she talks about in the audio clip and the way it is inhabited by all these creatures which he puts in different situations alongside a person. The space itself looks like it has an incredible atmosphere to it; it's its own universe of strange associations and potential for any scene to be created, in the artists own vision.

The way her work has changed over the years as well is fascinating for me to look at. I particularly enjoyed looking at her early more expressionist work and its dynamic, constantly evolving and metamorphosing figures and characters.

Her work associated with representation of women, which challenge the idea of femininity and break the construct of what a woman should be in art and society, is also distinct for its unique visual and conceptual qualities.

Her use of colour and texture specifically appeals to me and I would like to examine it further for the project and create visual references to her work through the use of these elements. While the general style of my film might not directly be associated with hers, I would really like to experiment with the colour and texture of her paintings and prints through animation, whether it's traditional, digital, stop-motion or a combination of these.

#tatebrief #research #paularego

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