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I started with some rough sketches to get some ideas out. I tried visualising the climax of the narrative I had come up with, and the main problem I found with it was that although it makes for an interesting story and corresponds with the quote, it is a pretty literal interpretation, and doesn't necessarily add much to the story. This made me think about other ways I could present the idea. Initially, I had no plans for much editing of the film, I even thought of doing this as a single continuous shot. I wasn't very satisfied with my renditions of the scene, so I tried thinking about other ways to go about it.

Specifically, I wanted to test out how I could use facial features and close-ups to represent the idea. Editing to existing sound can also be quite fun and add a good dynamic to the visuals, so I explored that route further.

With the next sketches I made, I considered variation of shot size and angle and how that could create more tension in the story. I also thought about images that could correspond to certain parts of the text and how they could alternate.

After that I made a first draft of my storyboard. I am still not completely satisfied with it and I really need to consider the style of animation, scene transitions and style reference to the artist. I would like to use similar colours and textures as Paula Rego's work, maybe her earlier more expressionist style. The colours are really striking and contrasting, and the actual style is more surrealist and spontaneous, and I feel like it can lend itself well to animation. I think I will probably rework the storyboard and be more aware of how the different scenes interact with each other.

#tatebrief #storyboard #development

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