Drawing at Waterloo

Drawing class at London Waterloo Station.

The task was to draw the same thing from 5 different locations. I only managed to make three drawings, I am not very good at drawing fast so this was good practice. It gave me a better spacial understanding and using recurring elements to create an environment.

In the future it would be good to include figures in my drawings as well to show scale. This time I was quite focused on the space as I am more used to drawing characters and I wanted to practice with backgrounds.

Later, we got into groups and created a storyboard within the space, out of the places and characters that we focused on in our own drawings. It was good to work with others and make a story out of our combined drawings.

I really enjoyed being in a public space, observing people and paying attention to the space around me and the details and paths that make it what it is. Sometimes I look too far into my own head to look for ideas and I forget how much there is around me that I can draw inspiration, new ideas and understanding from. I also like feeling like I'm in some liminal dimension, with all these people going about their day, while I just absorb information, existing somewhere else, as a part of different space, a little isolated but also more connected to things than I usually feel.

#drawing #storyboard

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