Elysian Holiday

Collaboration with Laura Nicolson. The story revolves around a demon who, bored with its life in a deep dark canyon, climbs up to explore the bright landscapes above, in a land inhabited by angels. Throughout its journey, the demon meets several angels and their interactions are fueled by curiosity, hunger, violence and ecstasy. The narrative however seems almost accidental:  the film is really just a promotional video of this fantasy land, where the animated camera happens to stumble upon the interactions of these characters while trying to capture only the landscape. The desolate and hallucinatory landscape is presented as an exotic destination, and the visual narration attempts, but fails to ignore the “local life forms” in a comment on the myth of the untouched, virgin land. Incorporate visual and textual allusions link the the advertised locations are in fact the afterlife, and play with the idea of advertising the afterlife as a sensationalized, exotic location.