Conyxol by MEDICULT

Conyxol MERGE


During the next six weeks, use the Conyxol serum twice daily.

Now that you’re sharing a vessel, the serum will keep your body healthy, to prepare for your partner’s imminent physical manifestation!

During this period, it’s important to keep hydrated, eat clean and do regular exercise; as well as to stay relaxed and avoid stressful conditions. It may also be helpful to prepare emotionally.

Once every week at midnight ingest one of the six Conyxol capsules. This must take place outdoors. Make sure there is a lot of space around you; and you may want to bring a friend with you for safety.

Then, perform the introspection ritual as described in the Conyxol Introspection Ritual Leaflet.

You will then enter your collective mindscape together with your partner. There you must face and defeat in battle an amalgamation of the two of you.

MEDICULT’s specialist Amalgam Taskforce will come to your aid immediately, in the unlikely event that they are needed.

Conyxol UNBIND

After having defeated six amalgams, it is now time to finally expel your partner and their new form from your body!

Within the same day of your last battle, inject the Conyxol serum in the abdomen, neck, upper arm or eyelid. Three to fifteen minutes after this, the unbinding process will begin.

Your partner will be ejected from your body in one of three ways, depending on your levels of co-dependency: they will either surface, split or sever from you.

SURFACE: During this type of unbinding, your partner’s form will turn into pure light energy, and surface from you. You may levitate during this process. Their body will then reform outside yours, leaving both vessels intact and leaving you with an overall satisfying experience of your separation.

SPLIT: When the two souls are not quite ready to separate, there can be some resistance from the body. In this semi-physical bodily phenomenon, the skin temporarily transforms into an elastic, rubber-like substance. Your partner’s new form will then stretch itself and tear from your body; and once it has been fully expelled; your skin should retain its original state within the next half hour.

SEVER: Severing is very uncommon and only happens in extreme cases of co-dependency. Your partner would leave your body in a slightly more painful way, sometimes breaking skin or bones surrounding the exit areas.

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Once you have purchased your Conyxol pack from your nearest pharmacy, you can begin the treatment.

Use about 200ml of your own blood, and mix it in with the Conyxol crystalline powder.

 Then summon your partner into this realm as normal.

Use a consensual possession ritual of your choice and have your partner enter your mind.

(visit your local MEDICULT branch if you need help finding a summoning or possession method)

Then, ingest the previously prepared liquid.

This will bind your partner’s soul to your body; and back in their dimension their physical form will begin to fade away!