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November 22, 2017

On Monday I worked on the background, which is oil on glass animation. It was actually my first time using a rostrum and Dragonframe so it was really nice to get used these methods which are commonly used in animation. Doing the background was really fun, oil painting...

November 18, 2017

Working with the textures has been, as I thought, quite challenging. Since the initial texture scans were very high quality, it made the software crash when I tried to save my work, so I then had to scale them down and even so I had to save every time I overwrote a col...

November 10, 2017

I have been working on transferring redoing the keyframes from my animatic onto different software, adding in-betweens and thinking about colour. I really enjoyed making this, the hardest part was making all the different shapes that come from the split human, which is...

October 24, 2017

After having worked with my original concept for a while, I decided it wasn't challenging enough technically or artistically, and more importantly that it wasn't engaging enough with the artist's style. I did plan to use colour, texture and linework to reference it, bu...

October 17, 2017

Exploring Paula Rego's early work alongside digital animation software has inspired me to create the piece in a way that emulates her use of colour, line and texture. 

What initially drew me into this style was the use of nearly flat, but textured colours, and the strik...

October 7, 2017

Looking into the different artists for the Tate project has been really exciting, I would have to say though that among them Paula Rego stood out in visual style, voice and what she had to say. 

Her motifs of myth and folklore and dark fairy tales really appeal to me; t...

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October 30, 2018

July 22, 2018

July 12, 2018

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May 5, 2018

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